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Straight from the horse’s mouth!

We’ve put together a collection of jokes, trivia and other fun stuff.  We’ll keep adding slides so come back and visit us again.


All About Horses!

Printables and Print Out

Inspiring Artists!? Grab your crayons or markers and print our these pages to color! They’re sure to look great in your room.

Arabian Proverb Coloring Page

Spanish Proverb Coloring Page

Bella Sara Coloring Page

BEWARE! There are dangerous places around a farm. Spot the Dangers in this fun activity.

 17 Horse Farm Hazards

More Fun Activities Coming!



Best of Breeds

Blaze News Best of Breed Series

Blaze Magazine’s, companion newsletter is called Blaze News, and it’s part of your subscription to Blaze Magazine!  In 2010, Blaze News worked with breed organizations to bring kids a fun opportunity to learn about different breeds of horses. Now they’re available to everyone to download!

From Appaloosa’s to Gypsy Vanners, we’ve got fun and games featuring some of the most popular horse breeds in the world. Print out past issues of Blaze News to learn about your favorite breed.

Issue No. 26

The Miniature Horse

Download here

For more visit





Issue No. 30

Horse of Many Colors!

Download here

Visit The Appaloosa Horse Club 





Issue No. 31

Flashy Splashy Pintos!

Download here

Visit the Pinto Horse Association.





Issue No. 32

The Gypsy’s Horse

Download here

Learn more about Gypsy Vanner Horses at





Issue No. 34

Made in America

Download here

To learn more about America’s Favorite Horse






 Issue No. 35

The Horse for Every Adventure

Download here

Learn more at Arabian Horse Association.





Issue No. 36

Painting the Next Generation

Download here

Visit the American Junior Paint Horse Association.





Issue No. 37

The Gold Standard

Download here

For more visit the Palomino Horse Breeders Association.






Saddlebred Blaze News

Issue No. 41

American Saddlebred Triple Crown

Download here

For more visit the American Saddlebred Horse Association





Issue No. 43

The Morgan Horse Chooses You

Download here

For more visit the Morgan Horse Association