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Wacky Word Game

Fill in the blanks for seriously-silly or super-serious fun. Try it with friends or enjoy it by yourself.

Examples: Adjective – pink, beautiful, wild, fluffy, unusual; Noun – horse, shoe, brother, brick; Verb – gallop, jump, play, dance, sing.

5 lucky winners will be chosen by the Blaze Kids Committee and receive a copy of Jean Abernethy’s book FEGUS: A HORSE TO BE RECKONED WITH.

Fergus A Horse to be Reckoned With


Today I decided to saddle up my horse _____________(name), and hit the trails to _______________ (place) because I really needed a/an _____________(thing).

Unfortunately, when I arrived I couldn’t find any and the weather looked _____________(adjective). So instead of riding home, I called up my good friend _____________ (favorite actor or actress) to see if I could stay until the storm ended. I got there just in time because it started raining so hard it was like ______________(noun, plural) were falling from the sky.

So I hitched my horse safely in the ______________(room in house). My ____________(adjective) horse didn’t want to be left alone during the storm, so we all ate ____________(food) together and played ______________(game or sport). When the storm ended we _____________(verb) back home.

It was a/an ______________(adjective) day.

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Contest closes July 20th, 2017.