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Marwari Horse

Marwari Horses

Prized Steeds of India

The Great Indian Desert in northwestern India is a place of extremes. It is scorching hot in the day, bitter cold at night and very, very dry. It gets less than ten inches of rain a year and has very little vegetation, yet it is home to the Marwari horse breed.

The Modern Marwari horse

When their days as a war horse came to an end the Marwari Horse fell out of favor. But today they are gaining in numbers and popularity. They come in all equine colors although pinto patterns tend to be most popular. They are being used for desert safaris. For festivals and weddings they are brightly decorated and perform difficult dancing moves without a rider. Plus, they are being used in many equestrian sports including polo and dressage. Prized steeds of India indeed!

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(photos: Edyta Trojanska-Koch)