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Seeing Spots!

Appaloosa, The Heavenly Horse


The Appaloosa Horse is know for its striking spotted coat but beneath the pretty “polka dots” the Appy is a great horse with a heart of gold and a warm and wonderful personality. I

Appaloosa Horse Facts

Today the beautiful spotted horse is one of the most loved horse breeds.

Easy-going and reliable they are found throughout the world.

Appaloosa’s excel in western, pleasure, rodeo, games, jumping and dressage.

They were a favorite breed of the Nez Perce.

Did you know? Like humans, you can see the whites of an Appaloosa’s eyes all the time, not just when they are scared or angry like other horse breeds. 

For more about Appaloosa’s read  Appaloosa Breed Profile from issue 52.

To learn more, visit www.appaloosa.com and be sure to check out the Youth Association pages.