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 Inside Issue No. 56 (Spring 2017)

“Don’t just fly. Soar!” – Dumbo

I remember being your age – day dreaming about galloping across a field (on a horse I didn’t even have), and reading anything I could that had a horse in it, and being first in line at the movie theatre for the latest horse movie. Sound familiar?

In this issue you’ll meet people just like you. We take you behind the scenes of the new Netflix series Spirit Riding Free – the executive producer was once a horse-crazy kid too! And we spent some time with two sisters who are reaching for the stars! They went from reading Blaze as kids to making their dream of riding their horses across the country a reality.

Dream big,


Top stories issue 56 include

  • Horses Are Sensational – Shifting Gears
  • Horse Breed – Marwari Horses. Prized Steeds of India
  • Feature –  Jewel and Katie. Sisterhood of the Traveling Horses
  • Feature –  Spirit Riding Free. Making Moving Pictures

Plus our regular departments

  • Contest
  • Blaze Bits
  • Bulletin Board
  • Club Corner
  • Once Upon a Horse
  • Friend or Foe
  • Good Eats
  • Great Reads
  • and more

Plus an awesome Poster!!!

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